Our story

Through time, we've come to realize that change is the only certainty.

We started as an ordinary creative digital agency. We were creating beautiful campaigns and corporations loved them. We were winning every single pitch. Bring it on. Red Bull, HBO, Snickers, LEGO, Pepsi, Philips, Mercedes, Nivea, O2. We were on the top.

Suddenly, there was a plot twist.

A shitty year came. Taking part in tenders wasn't that easy anymore and became wasted time. Wasted ideas. Sleepless nights. Frustration.

We realized that the advertising industry is crippled, with clients struggling to write briefs and agencies playing along, creating nothing more than spec work. But does anyone actually ask real customers, gaining real insights to work with? Without research, everything agencies and clients do is pure speculation.

We knew that we were going to either change or die.

Saying Fuck Me Tender publicly was a relief.

We only appreciate our work when we know why we do what we do.

We want to do business with those who share the same values. We ask questions a lot, and we work closely with our clients and their customers. We value both our and their time. We make sure that we are free to express our ideas and always choose the right one.

People have become the focal point of our business.

Applying Human-Centered Design processes brings us satisfaction and gives us purpose. It makes us certain that we do our job right, even though each time in a completely different way.

Change is our path, change is our certitude.

We use the Human-Centered Design approach in every project, and everyone is welcome to join us on our journey.

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