Principles of change

By joining just business and technology, companies usually come up with solutions based on Speculation.

We involve the end users in the design process from the very beginning. This lets us create solutions that respond to real human problems and needs. This lets us create an Innovation.

We change the way companies deliver solutions.

Most companies' workflow is linear. They do not test their design and only find mistakes when it's too late to fix them. Such a waste of time and money!

We test every idea with the end users as soon as possible, iterating it and keep getting closer to the ideal solution as long as we’re within the budget.

Coming up with innovations needs changing the mindset.

Build empathy

Because you strive to understand the meaning

Embrace ambiguity

Because you explore to discover the unexpected

Have creative confidence

Because you believe your intuition

Make it

Because it's easier to think about something tangible

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Because you iterate to validate

Learn from failure

Because failure sucks but instructs.

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Let us show you how it looks in practice on a web redesign project for a major European insurance company.

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